Meetings 2019


April 7th: We begin the Tensor formulation

April 21st: Easter / No Meeting

Note that we’re changing to “even weeks” now!
The (tentative) plan is for the first 6 meetings to cover what I’ve been thinking of as the “easy” part of GR. This is mostly about starting with a metric tensor and using it to derive the “mathematical objects of interest” (see: the GR page) which describe the curvature of spacetime, and ultimately the geodesic equation.

Starting with session #7 we’ll tackle the “hard” part, which (as best I understand it so far) will largely deal with starting from the energy-momentum tensor and solving Einstein’s Equation.

April 28th: GR#1: Introduction and overview






GR#7 Week 30, July 21(?)









Week 48, Nov 24th(?): GR#16

Past 2019 Meetings

March 24th: SR#6 Four Vectors

Attending: Eduard, Jonathan, John, Mary Ann, Matt, Mike, Stefan, Tina
Continuing “four-vectors” …
For anyone who missed last time or who wants something else that has a bit more detail than the book, this lecture is pretty good.

March 10th: SR#5 Four Vectors

Attending: Jonathan, John, Matt, Mike, Stefan, Tina

We derived the formula for addition of velocities and started talking about “four vectors” which are special relativity’s analog to things like position, velocity, momentum, and so on. We covered position and velocity.

February 24th: SR#4 The Relativistic Snake

Attending: Eduard, Jonathan, John, Mary Ann, Matt, Mike, Scott, Stefan, Tina

Tina presented the “relativistic snake” problem as described in John Taylor’s Classical Mechanics book.
We also spent some more time on the “horizontal light clock” that John brought up last time we met. This has turned out to be a very good example from various perspectives.
Here are some diagrams that might come in handy:

February 10th: SR#3 The Lorentz Transformation

Attending: Eduard, John, Mary Ann, Matt, Mike, Stefan
– The transforms
– Spacetime Diagrams
– Relativity of simultaneity
– John brought up an interesting scenario with a horizontal light clock.

January 27th: SR#2 Tina did Time Dilation and Length Contraction

Attending: Eduard, John, Mary Ann, Matt, Mike, Scott, Stefan, Tina
The group also worked several of these problems

January 13th: SR#1 Introduction

Attending: Eduard, John, Mary Ann, Mike, Scott, Stefan
– Notions of relativity before Einstein
– Postulates of Special Relativity / preview of their consequences.
– We used These Notes

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